I hope you enjoy my work. My dolls, which I call Figurative Sculpture, are the culmination of many aspects of my artistic life.
There have been many artistic phases in my life where I have explored and become proficient in mediums that include woodworking and furniture construction, stained glass, jewelry making, quilting, weaving, various textile arts and some doll making, ironically. I have worked for the past 20 years creating and producing three-dimensional framed polymer clay pictures that are inhabited with whimsy and infused with color. This art form has allowed me to develop a strong sense of color in my work.
     As a new expression of my creativity, I wanted to create a folk art doll using my medium of polymer clay. I started studying traditional techniques of sculpture and began working with ceramics. As I got better at sculpting ceramics, the dolls improved and developed, too.
     Despite the somewhat disparate nature of the various disciplines that I have studied, the techniques used in each area all comes into play with my Figurative Sculpture. The woodworking you can see in my unique frames. The other disciplines contribute to the vision, the form, the construction, the details.
I love making things that bring smiles, pieces that evoke a sense of pleasure. With the polymer clay, I have a medium that allows me to be a perfectionist. I attempt to make each face and each hand expressive, and to make them detailed, right down to the last fingernail. The clay allows me to work with color, my ally, my love. Ceramics are monotone, jewelry is grey, wood is brown. My girls, though, are a wild and colorful bunch.